Save per gallon for the first ELEVEN weeks.*
The 7-Eleven® Universal Fleet Fuel Card
is more than a charge card. It’s the only fuel card that offers you both the control and aggressive savings you need to effectively manage your company’s fleet of vehicles — and significantly impact your bottom line. With volume rebates of up to 7¢ per gallon on any fuel brand at our pumps, you’ll start saving as soon as your drivers start fueling at 7-Eleven:

Gallons per month Rebate per gallon **
0–499 1¢
500–1,499 2¢
1,500–4,999 3¢
5,000–9,999 4¢
10,000+ 7¢

Plus drivers can fuel at nearly 3,200 7-Eleven fuel locations and 90% of all retail fuel locations nationwide.

The 7-Eleven Universal Fleet Card: the ultimate fleet management tool.